Feelings of You

So sick of cliche remarks about how one can love another.
For you I’d take the longest knife and stick it into my mother.
I’d take a pillow to my face and make the only word I know to be:
If all this meant that I could one day call you my:
But Love hates regret and regret married the past.
The past clings to me because the present is just too fast.
The future is never around because I refuse to fuck it.
and death wait’s quietly for me to kick the bucket.
But all this matters nothing to me because i’m
Stuck in this loops that forbids me to see that i’m
More than just a pawn in your hand.
I am a king with kingly demand.
But I’ll check any mate at any rate if that’s what it takes. . .
because. . .
I’m so sick of cliche remarks about love
About roses being red and the heaven’s above
I’d rape mother earth
and kill father time..
I rip apart the fabric of space..
just to make ‘You’ transform into ‘Mine’.
I’d jump from heaven . .
A placed deemed /too/ divine.
Join Satan and dwell in hell
Fight angel’s both high and ones who have fell
I’d Tell God I have a story to tell,
About a man who had a soul to sell
and it’s price was..

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