Feelings of You

So sick of cliche remarks about how one can love another.
For you I’d take the longest knife and stick it in my mother.
I’d take a pillow to my face and end with life in a smother.:
If all this meant that I could one day call you my:
But Love hates regret and regret married the past.
The past clings to me because the present is just too fast.
The future is never around because I refuse to fuck it.
and death wait’s quietly for me to kick the bucket.
But all this matters nothing to me| because i’m
Stuck in this loops that forbids me to see| that i’m
More than just a pawn in your hand.
I am a king with kingly demand.
But I’ll check any mate | at any rate | if that’s what it takes. . .
because. . .
I’m so sick of cliche remarks about love
About roses being red and the heaven’s above
I’d rape mother earth
and kill father time..
I rip apart the fabric of space..
just to make ‘You’ transform into ‘Mine’.
I’d jump from heaven . .
A placed deemed /too/ divine.
Join Satan and dwell in hell
Fight angel’s both high and ones who have fell
I’d Tell God I have a story to tell,
About a man who had a soul to sell
and it’s price was..

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