Anger and  frustration 
They leave my soul empty 
So I feed on the temptation
and welcome demons within me
I’m done trying to see the world for what it’s not
I got the director held hostage now how’s that for a plot?
Suddenly I’m the bad guy for wanting more from the world
Suddenly it’s wrong to make rich hands unfurl 
Suddenly I matter when I scream it’s too late
and just when they need a hero , it’s like fate’
Your going need more than super powers and a cape
Cause soon you’ll realize that this life is like rape
They use and abuse without remorse or care
Kick you in the stomach and leave right as they spit in your hair
They expect you to get up and still be strong
From multiple perspectives how can this thinking NOT be wrong
If you cut me I bleed. .no matter my size
if I’m hurt I cry. .no matter the color of my eyes
Hypocrites cry the tears of a clown. .
until what they sent up. .starts to come down

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