My Solemn Hour

Walking through this reality feeling forsaken without cause
With all the time in the world I ask myself which flaws

Were enough to push people away; to make people stay
in the shadows of my presence.

I'm Not sure what's coming next;
My sudden demise through means complex.
They all scream good riddance

I’d like to believe theres hope for a failure like me
For a sad man walking through thick sufficating reality

In my solomn hour
The mood feels desire

For in my life bad things transpire
Inhalation of smoke keeps me flying higher.

Trying to be like the clouds because inside I’m dark and sometimes cry
down upon the world my problems seem to drown

Bleeding out. My solemn Hour.

1st attempt at 100 writing prompts! Check out the content by click the YouTube Channel link on the left side of the site.


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