I turned my back on the light
Submerged myself in the pain
I hate the feeling of hope
That shit drives me insane
They want us to pray it gets better
I still add fuel to the flames
Cause if this bitch gone burn
then who are we to complain?
You think I’m mad cause I failed?
Thinking I’m bitter from trying?
If so; Think again my friend.
I’m upset with the lying.
They told me I ‘could be more.’
They said one day I’ll ‘succeed. ‘
Now the only thing I believe
is that the darkness can breed
A stronger man than the light
I’m conditioned for worse.
No expectation of greatness
I’m just embracing this curse. 
And if you feel like all I do
is make the situation feel worse
Then listen to my story 
and with everything you are
Try not to burst
Into tears for my fellow peers
who cannot conjure the strength
To admit the right is ‘sometimes wrong.’
and wrong feels ‘better than right.’
All my friends are blinded by light
that promise more than the shade
Viewed differently because there 
are none I would save.
From the darkness.

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