These Dreams of you make things appear to be clear.

But when I awake I’m  reminded  why you are no longer here.

To say why has  too long been my greatest fear.

But silence hurts more as months turn to years.

I was Angry at the world but I put it all on your name. Thinking back on it now it really was a shame.

You put up with emotionally heart wrenching pain. You withstood claims of crazy when clearly I’m whose insane.

I’m sorry I’ll never be able repress the urge to unload aggression in a negative way.  I’m sorry “I’m sorry” is the only thing I can bring myself to say.

I Wish I could give you the world I promised to make yours. Wish I had the keys to all of lifes doors.

Love was above all else in dire times. Stood by me when I fell into a life of crime. Stood by me when I owned less than a dime.

Now when I achieve’s hard to believe you are no longer mine.

Hope you catch the biggest fish in the sea. I hope he’s all the good that … you hoped was in me.

I Hope he fights for you like the wars we would wage. I hope ‘ya latest book can do more than turn a page. I hope you attain more than that 600 square foot cage. I hope you shine bright up on life’s big stage.


Last but not least I hope ya son’s hearts beats forever. Strong is the only thing to be in his endeavor. Couldn’t find a better way to say the things on my mind. Just hope ya give these words a few moments of ya time.


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