This frustration; Ventilation through veins which I feel pain.

Her temptation; inhalation of thoughts that seem insane.

Deprivation; These sensations that I cannot ignore.

Been down this road too many times || Still I. .|| Try to explore.

Her mind; So divine. Can I be more than a thought.

Too distraught; I think naught. Steal my love, but don’t get caught.



Raining down from the heavens; my words. .  they mean to heal.

Does that mean we are all broken?





I’ve been misused by hands colder than I . . . The abuse comes and it goes.

They’ve thrown away my hopes and dream and replaced them all of my woes.

Their grip tightens around my neck. . . .eyes burn bright with resolve. .

The reflection in them paints a picture. .the saddest picture of all.

There lies a man who still believes. . .he has a reason to ‘Be’.

Truth be told, he soul was sold. . .searching for love, you see?

All he found, were the hands that bound. . . and now. .

He’ll never be free.



No Name. 3

I stay high as a kite . . .I like to reach for the stars.

Was told my love wasn’t ‘right’: I said: “add that to my scars.”

I stay suspended in fear; Thoughts of living the reason.

Words can only compare. .to things I’ve truly been feeling.

Can’t seem to do anything. . . .all I do is fail.

Can’t seem make the jump; As I stand upon the rail.

I try to make love, but all I see is hate.

Thought I could make a different, but, I guess that I’m too late.

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