( S a m ) u r a i


Art inspired by my friend Sam.



No Name Art



Messing around on Photoshop.

How I am Feeling

She said she doesn’t trust me. “He only wants to fuck me.”

“He only wants to open up my heart and try to cut me.”

To many say the same. Too many feel the pain.

The fact that this is normal is enough to blow my brain.

Enough to blow my mind. And leave nothing behind.

On the way to the top and there is where I hope to shine-


Down upon the blind. My words appear clear.

The deaf look to me and say I’m all that they can hear.

Been feeling kind of low. I guess I’ve been depressed.

Fucking sick of being told  that I should “worry less”.


No, You should worry more. You all should be concerned.

Look around stupid bitch! The worlds about to burn.


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