Time Goes On

No longer do we say the things we used to say.
You refuse to play the games that we used play.

I used to think that forever really meant forever. .
Tried to believe that soul mates endured all endeavors.

I look at you and feel like all hope a fucking lie.
Who acts like love never happened and then won’t say why?

I refuse to tell you that makes me really want to die.
Seems I’m too strong to admit that sometimes I still cry.

It feels like time went on and left me behind.
Stuck in memories of you where I try to find. .

A better version of myself that which you made.
Buried beneath all the feelings of being betrayed.



I can not wait to see the day when I no longer have to feel.
Deaths the only thing in this world that I know is truly real.

Impatient thoughts and ‘maybe naughts’ leave little room for doubt.
An empty room fills quickly soon; the sands of time bring drought.

If you were her and he was I; you would hate me all the same.
But if he were they and them were us; I bet you would feel my pain.

I reach out to hands that reach out to me.
They let go as eyes read regret.

Now I’ve fallen for you. .
But you’ve fallen for him . .
He turns to take her hand. .

Now they are gone and I am left..
Impatiently awaiting . . .death.

I’m never enough.

They told me : Run; don’t walk | Listen; don’t talk. | Fuck; what you hear | kill; what you stalk.

Her smile lights my night. Her touch bring me up.
Her smell quells what ails. Her eyes are ‘just too much’.

I try to fill her up: Pour my heart into her soul!
Can’t seem to heal the wounds that have long since took their toll.

Can’t seem to bring myself say the lines upon the script.
These lips do not conform; So this script I choose to flip.

The words on this page are filled read as such:
I’m happy. I’m want to live. I’m greatness in the making.

Totally fucking lies. I am what you made me.
I’m sad. I want to die. I’m weakness for the taking.

The opposite of a diamond in the ruff.
Clearly. . .I am. .

Not enough.

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