These dark deeds inside of me. .|they scream and plea: |Just set me free
Shackled thoughts |leave me distraught |beneath a plot; |decay and rot.

You cannot debate| it’s far too late |for hope and joy. . |I’m way too coy. .
. . .What’s left is doubt| Whats left is pain |deemed inhumane| put into plain. . .view.

But the only pain I knew|. . . .|was you.

And when someone like me |begins to see | my limits reach| the peak |of eyes too deep |and heart too bleak |for one so strong |and yet so . .weak. .

Yet you are all I seek.
You are all I know.
Never been one to tell. .
but it will always. .show.

My heart is submerged in dark deeds that scream and plead.
Sin falls from sky to water bitter seeds in need. .
of hope.



Words pour out, we scream, we shout
Only lord knows how we chose this route.

You’re a lie.
You’re a joke.
You’re a fucking piece of shit.

Regretting loves bright flame was ever fucking lit.
To see your face. . .
To hear you talk. .
Murdered form upon floor outlined in chalk.

That what I wish too see
When I look at you.

To the back of a car is where I’d glue you.
Set it in neutral and push it downhill.
letting your screams lift me up and fill. .
my hearts desires with comfort and joy.
You may have played with me. .
but I’m not your toy.

Take a look in the mirror

Stuck In a Rut

I’m feeling out of place. .
out of space. .
with the taste. .
of HATE dripping down throat LACED
with rope of dying hope.

Nobody seems to want to help me cope.
All alone on this dark throne prone to sin.
Turned my back on happiness
now where do I begin?
Or is it where do I end?

Thoughts Before Work

Subtle cries of out-right lies keep me in tune with pain.
Wondering how and even why things have become mundane.

Life picks up and soon we forget the things that make us feel.
Such a strange occurrence that lacks assurance makes me question all that’s real.

My words once held weight and that required muscles: Too great
But now they feel so light.
Struggling each day to remember who I was. . .
But I seem to be losing the fight.

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