Fire melts the ice buried deep in my heart.

Married to the darkness…
Til death do we part.

These dark deeds breed a better me for all to see.

Or maybe …

These dark deeds plant seeds of make believe.

That proceed…
Without warrant.

Ice cools the fire raging from within.

Looking for redemption..
But where do I begin?

Or maybe…

I should look forward towards the end.


Garden of Me.

Vines run thick…
The garden of life.

Watered lightly with love.

Soul of compassion…
Feed arms that reaching out.

My thoughts are known to reach.

The Shell of my resolve keep out those who wish to breach those I’ve besiege with words that teach…

That Vines run thick in the garden of my life.

Tears shower down from above…
To water those I most likely love.

Soiled her garden with my passion.
Her arms reach out for more.

When I feel I’ll surely drown…
She pulls me to shore.

Often my resolve shields me from progress.
Those I besiege often ask to see less….

Of a kid tangled in the Vines of life.

Every once and a while

Shadows hover over moonlit night.
Doubt seems scarce and the Future seems bright.

A gust of change pollinates the masses.
The world sits still as time simply passes.

A thoughtful gaze.
A wayward smile.

Thoughts run wild
Down an endless mile.

A poets job is never done.
At least one gets to have some fun….

Every once and a while.


Argumentive; aggressive perceptions keep me hot.

Ears filled with words that I am obviously..


Viewed differently by people who can’t grasp the plot…

Of depression.

The lessons of life are hard to learn as time burns on.

Too long the song plays…
A delay I should say.

One that cost is beyond our means to pay.

I slay…
Feelings and emotions with words that yearn for more..

I emplore…
You to read them.

Open wide and feed them..
To your mind and your soul.

It’s clear my only goal…
Is to be heard…and to finally…

be free as a bird

Pen and paper.

Hot words shiver down long spine: stiff

Contemplations of sensations that hold on to me: cliff

There’s no doubt as I scream and shout; success

Questions filled with life and strife: Test

I aim to be the best…
Version of myself.

Cant make it to far, without a little help.

Thats why your views viewed by curious hues fuel the need for emotions to be freed..

By pen and paper…


Reunited with the flame
That Sparks imagination.

Had to let go of all my doubt
And limitations.

Hard stone: my resolve
Vibrant colors of passion.

New techniques that peak
The mind of the old fashion.

Green the grass remains
On the other side

Of my gated thoughts.

Reunited with greatness.
Poetic artist doing his part.

Reality. Duelality. Unreasonable.

Thick with reason.
Molded by resolve.

The mind at work.
No problem goes unsolved.

Smooth to the touch.
Words reign down.

My loves heart is where I remain..

The Sun.

The sight of my intentions make people….run.


Lust reaches out.
Everything sinful: what I am about.


Business as usual…
Easy to predict.

Diagnosed with your presence.
God, you make me sick.

You forget the things that bring sadness to my heart.

Oscar nomination cause you often play your part..

Of a mother like no other
Who can never do wrong.

Shout-out to the “Weeknd”
You’re the same old song.

Doing the same old shit
For far too long.

Breaking mirrors in your home.
Your reflextion you hate.

Cared less about me and more about your date

If your death was an entree
I would clean my plate.

Order desert and tip at a high rate.


Drifting through life…
Swerving past chances..

The wind Sings on
As the fire just dances.

Speeding down life.
Death: The finish line.

Hard grip; soft neck.
Isn’t this a bind.

Should we all wait…
For breathe to slip away?

Give in or fight back?
Very little left to say..

As We wait.

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