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Poetic Artist

So sick of cliche remarks about how one can love another.
For you I’d take the longest knife and stick it in my mother.
I’d take a pillow to my face and end with life in a smother.:
If all this meant that I could one day call you my:
But Love hates regret and regret married the past.
The past clings to me because the present is just too fast.
The future is never around because I refuse to fuck it.
and death wait’s quietly for me to kick the bucket.
But all this matters nothing to me| because i’m
Stuck in this loops that forbids me to see| that i’m
More than just a pawn in your hand.
I am a king with kingly demand.
But I’ll check any mate | at any rate | if that’s what it takes. …

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Last Will

Check out an old poem!

Poetic Artist

There are no tears left to stream down my face. There are no words to bring back the grace: Forever the room remains silent.

I often hide from the sun…in fear of it’s heat. There in shadow’s embrace I lay and forever sleep. . . on the horizon’s edge.

There is no other. .whom I could trust. .Calling on love’s gentle breeze for the dust. . . I have become.

Take my energy. . .and make it yours. Become something better than I. And know..that I am forever…never. . .

Hide your right eye. . .it burns me to stare. .Reveal the other . .its white light I call despair. This cruel world is unjustly fair.

Now I lay. . .in your cold arms. .and hope..that I can warm them..


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I’m never enough.

They told me : Run; don’t walk | Listen; don’t talk. | Fuck; what you hear | kill; what you stalk.

Her smile lights my night. Her touch bring me up.
Her smell quells what ails. Her eyes are ‘just too much’.

I try to fill her up: Pour my heart into her soul!
Can’t seem to heal the wounds that have long since took their toll.

Can’t seem to bring myself say the lines upon the script.
These lips do not conform; So this script I choose to flip.

The words on this page are filled read as such:
I’m happy. I’m want to live. I’m greatness in the making.

Totally fucking lies. I am what you made me.
I’m sad. I want to die. I’m weakness for the taking.

The opposite of a diamond in the ruff.
Clearly. . .I am. .

Not enough.

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