I’m never enough.

They told me : Run; don’t walk | Listen; don’t talk. | Fuck; what you hear | kill; what you stalk.

Her smile lights my night. Her touch bring me up.
Her smell quells what ails. Her eyes are ‘just too much’.

I try to fill her up: Pour my heart into her soul!
Can’t seem to heal the wounds that have long since took their toll.

Can’t seem to bring myself say the lines upon the script.
These lips do not conform; So this script I choose to flip.

The words on this page are filled read as such:
I’m happy. I’m want to live. I’m greatness in the making.

Totally fucking lies. I am what you made me.
I’m sad. I want to die. I’m weakness for the taking.

The opposite of a diamond in the ruff.
Clearly. . .I am. .

Not enough.


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