Late night knock

Hello’s been a while.

Not since we’ve talked; but since I’ve cracked a smile.

Things are smoothing.

I should be happy right?

Can’t find the words or pictures all in spite. .of being an artist who is usually out of sight.

Hopefully you can help me understand feelings that go misunderstood.

Whether you view me as an equal or a youth from the hood.

How do I know when my goals have been accomplished. How can I attain peace in a world that is surely rotten.

Can I. . .knock on your door in the middle of the night. .

Would you open the door and ask “Are you alright?”

And if I said “No. . This world I can no longer fight.”

Or would you. .pull  the trigger so i can see the tunnel’s light.

Tresspassing was the crime. But the real crime is nobody has the time to see past the rhymes. Perception heals.
















No name. 2

In the night I flow deep

Searching for myself through bitter


Yesterday is a constant reminder

that time is the only thing I can’t


Can’t seem to find the things

that make the day go


The future seems darker

than the trail of blood

that mark my path.

In The Moment

It gets harder.

Trying to be something I’m not.

Trying to give it all…I got.

It gets deeper.

Searching for the meaning of life.

Fighting through termoil and strife.

Maybe one day .. I’ll understand.

I get stronger.

Lifting myself up when down.

Nobody else can be found.

There’s only so much I’ll withstand.

They get weaker.

Searching for my pain’s sad.

Those selfish eyes can never see what what I’ve had.

To deal with on my own.



Ol’ No name

Sleeping. Dreaming. Screaming.
Thoughts run wild right out of my mind.

Teasing. Pleasing. Reasons.
Divine flower of my hour Can I. .

Climb your highest tower
Cascading showers of my

sweat blood and tears all dry
in the presence of your darkest fears.

Sleeping. Screaming. Dreaming
of a world that is much better than this.

Screaming. Dreaming. Sleeping.
In the eternally darkened  abyss.

Idle Mind

Sitting on clouds: Protecting the earth from solar rays. . 
. .What I mean now. .is I'm shielding the people I love from my selfish ways

Firing back at those who've done me wrong, but I'm doing it the right way.
Professional calls, social reform. In the night I hope they pray. 

Hoping they know what could have been. So easy for a lost soul to sin. 
These lives are too easy to end, but my level is set to difficult. 

I'm the boss. . I walk proud without any miracles.
No handicaps and no looking back. 

Just a man with idle time. Reflections of crimes done in his 
darker times.