Time Goes On

No longer do we say the things we used to say.
You refuse to play the games that we used play.

I used to think that forever really meant forever. .
Tried to believe that soul mates endured all endeavors.

I look at you and feel like all hope a fucking lie.
Who acts like love never happened and then won’t say why?

I refuse to tell you that makes me really want to die.
Seems I’m too strong to admit that sometimes I still cry.

It feels like time went on and left me behind.
Stuck in memories of you where I try to find. .

A better version of myself that which you made.
Buried beneath all the feelings of being betrayed.



I can not wait to see the day when I no longer have to feel.
Deaths the only thing in this world that I know is truly real.

Impatient thoughts and ‘maybe naughts’ leave little room for doubt.
An empty room fills quickly soon; the sands of time bring drought.

If you were her and he was I; you would hate me all the same.
But if he were they and them were us; I bet you would feel my pain.

I reach out to hands that reach out to me.
They let go as eyes read regret.

Now I’ve fallen for you. .
But you’ve fallen for him . .
He turns to take her hand. .

Now they are gone and I am left..
Impatiently awaiting . . .death.


Been on my own all alone; Standing in this crowd. || Speaking strong words with a voice that’s not too loud.||

I got a bottle of depression. . . I’m smoking on regret.|| She whispered in my ear: “. . .Baby I’m so wet. . . ”

Addicted to this feeling of feeling feelings too dark.
The crowd stares at me: I refuse to play the part-

-Of a: “happy-go-lucky” , “friends-all-trust-me”,
“Never-kiss-and-tell”, or a ‘Please-Don’t-Rush-me”

Don’t see the point of trying to maintain an that image.
Calm in nature; But I hate you: We are bound to dive up in it.

She feels the need to bend and plead; I’m all she needs.
Just me myself and dirty deeds that feed:

My hunger.

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